Instead of buy decorations for our tree we decided to make our own. Here are the decorations we made and a description on how we made each one.


Wool decorations:

We cut out cardboard in the shape of stars and Christmas Trees and wrapped wool around them til the cardboard was covered – How simple!


Christmas Baubles:

We made Snowman Christmas balls.

We put paint on our hand and then squeezed the ball. Our fingers were the snowmen.

We got marker and drew the nose, mouth, eyes and hat and that’s them done from Ms Flemings class. By Lyndsey.


Lollipop Snowmen:

We made snowman decorations out of lolly pop sticks. We put buttons, ribbon, bells and a hat on the snowmen but first we painted them white. We put a face on the snowmen with a black and orange marker. They were really fun to make. THE END. By Jolene and Namoi