Our Visit to IT Tallaght

On the 18th of November, as a reward for the students of the month, all of the 5th and 6th classes along with Ms O’ Reilly’s class got to go to IT Tallaght for a scientific magic show.

We did some really interesting and very fun activities, from how Isaac Newton discovered gravity, to why the moon doesn’t crash to Earth. We learned that red cabbage juice is an indicator and that when you mix an acid and an alkali it becomes neutral. We also did some cool and awesome experiments using bicycle wheels, trays eggs and a spinning chair. However, the most exciting experiment we did was when we made mini rockets using water, tablets that fizz when you put them in water and containers that hold film rolls in them.

You would first open the film containers and put water in them. Next you put the fizzy tablet into the water. Then you would quickly close the film container and shake it. Finally you place the film container upside down and run for your life.

Since the fizz gets trapped in the film container it’ll try to escape, making the “rocket” shoot up and make a loud exploding noise. The rockets exploded when we least expected it, making us jump back in fright.

We all had a great laugh, but since it was the final experiment we all had to go back to school. The whole science show was extremely fun and enjoyable. I hope to go to another science show next time.

Written by Earl John, 6th class