We are SO PROUD of our amazing constructions. We created puppet theatres out of shoe boxes. We turned our classroom into an art gallery last Friday and invited Neil, Anna and Room 22 down to have the first look at our art. This art project took us 3 weeks to complete!

We all picked our own theme and drew plans before we started work on our shoe boxes. We planned our theme, what materials we were going to use, what our puppets were going to look like and what our shoe boxes would look like. There was lots of differently themed shoe boxes in our classroom. Some under the sea themes, some dancing themes, some space themes and one based on Britain’s Got Talent!

When we had finished our plans we began work on our puppets. We sketched out our ideas, coloured them in and cut them out. Ms Fleming laminated them so they wouldn’t get damaged later on.

After that we designed the inside, then the outside, of our shoe boxes. We tried to create different objects to go inside out shoe boxes that matched our theme. Some people in the class created beautiful coral reefs using paper, sponges and other materials. Some girls in the class made curtains for their puppet theatres and others made stages to go inside their boxes.

When we had finished work on our boxes Me Fleming cut slits in the top of our boxes. Then we were able to attach our puppets to string, pull the string through the slits and tie the string to a button so we could move the puppets back and forth across our puppet theatres.

If you’re a little lost take a look at the little movie we made of us showing how they work!