Spring is in the air and all the boys and girls in Mr Campbell’s class have been having fun learning! We joined Google Classroom. This is a virtual classroom where we can all learn and do fun activities on our laptops and tablets. We play lots of different educational games on our Interactive Whiteboard. We made musical instruments, clay monster heads, clay roses and Valentine’s cards. We also wrote pen pal letters to our pen pals in Donegal.

Enjoy this poem about spring:

Once Again

by Cheryl Sandberg

A change has crept upon the land
the warming touch of nature’s hand,
the bleakness slowly ebbs away
and spring time lengthens out the day.

While early flower heads emerge
and green and blossom white diverge,
the hedgerows slowly come alive
and woodlands once again soon thrive.

The skies now team with insect life
their hazy clouds becoming rife,
and as the days grow warmer still
the thought of summer breeds goodwill.