Everyone in Room 2 had a great Halloween break. We are now well rested and looking forward to another busy month in senior school!

Here is a quick look at what we got up to before our midterm break..

In Art we created beautiful Autumn trees using our hand prints and fingerprints. Later in the month we painted spooky witches legs for Halloween. Take a look at some of our artistic work..

In History, we learned all about the Vikings. We completed group projects based on Viking jewellery, Viking homes, Viking weapons, Viking clothes and Viking food. Our projects were excellent and we really enjoyed presenting them to the class. Here we are working together in our groups.

In Maths, we learned about lines and angles. Our favourite part was using matchsticks to create vertical, horizontal and parallel lines as well as right angles, angles greater than a right angle and angles less than a right angle. We also went on a line and angle hunt in the school corridor.

Finally, we were very lucky last month because we got to take part in a skipping workshop. We loved it and we have been practicing our skipping skills on the yard ever since! 🙂