Hi guys, my name is Joseph and I am going to be talking about a project me and my friend Brandon did in school today on the laptops and while we were doing our projects in school today on the laptops our inspector came in and her name was Fiona. She was very nice to us and she looked at all our brilliant projects. She was with us from 11:30 to the end of the day.

When I am older my dream is to move to Dubai but it is very different if you compare it to Ireland. They use UAE dollars and it is really hot compared to Ireland. In Ireland you don’t ever see super cars. In Dubai when you are just driving you would see lots of super cars.

Dubai is the richest place in the world and you may know it has the tallest building in the universe. If you know a lot of YouTubers you might know “Mo Vlogs” a YouTuber who lives in Dubai and buys a load of super cars or expensive cars.

Dubai has a population of over 1.6 million people and it has lovely mansions, shopping malls and the police even have super cars. There is one place that you can buy super cars at and it is called “Deals on Wheels”. When me and my friend Brandon presented our project on Dubai to our class everyone liked it and in my opinion I think it was one of our best projects.

We would like to thank you for reading our blog and we hope you enjoyed it. We hope you guys do some projects too!