Reports by Ava and Yusra

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Hello everybody today Yusra and I are going to talk to you about the reports that we made.

This term our class are doing report writing. My report is about Justin Bieber because he is my favorite singer and Yusra’s report is about Algeria which is where she is from. We will explain what report writing is!

Report writing is where you write about a person, animal, place or thing. Basically you write facts about what your report is on and you have to make sure that you have an INTRODUCTION, a DESCRIPTION and a CONCLUSION.

An introduction is an opening sentence which is just a brief sentence that tells you what you are writing about. A description is where you describe what you are writing about, e.g. Algeria has a very warm climate.

And then a conclusion is a closing sentence, e.g. Thank you for reading this report about Justin Bieber.

Let’s talk a bit about Algeria the report that Yusra did. So Algeria’s climate is very warm because it is near the equator. In Algeria there are a lot of mosques. Algeria is a really nice place to go and visit.

Now we are going to talk about my report which is about Justin Bieber!!!! Justin Bieber’s real name is Justin Drew Bieber. He is 23 years old. He has 1 brother named Jaxon and he has 1 sister named Jazmyn and 1 step sister named Ali. His mother’s name is Patty and his father’s name is Jeremy.

Our class created reports on a person, animal, place or thing of our choice and afterwards we did a report on our school. I did 4 pages of the report about our school and Yusra did 2 pages. We wrote lots of different facts about our school and the facts were really good. We wrote facts like our school opened in 1982 and we have about 36 teachers and 432 pupil’s in this school.

Shoutout to our whole class for doing 2 reports. Well done!

Your sincerely,

Ava and Yusra (5th class – Room 10 – Mr Campbell’s Class)