We have had a very busy few months since the Christmas holidays in room 20. We have been working really hard and learning lots in all our subjects.

We finished learning about an Aimsir in Irish and started learning about ag Siopadóireacht. Take a look at our video below. We created a cool way to remember North, South, East and West ag Gaeilge.

In English we are still reading Mr Stink. One of the characters in the book is running for government and listed out a lot of crazy laws they would like to everyone follow. We made up some nonsense laws of our own. For example: Boys and girls are paid to come to school, only one hour in school every day and girls have to pay boys if they are mean to them.

In Geography we have been leaning all about Dublin and Ireland. We completed projects on our favourite counties.

In History we have started exploring the lives of the Celts who lived in Ireland around the year 400BC! We are going to design powerpoint presentations using all the facts we know about the Celts.

In Science we learned about clean energy and made posters to encourage everybody to save energy and use clean energy where they can.

In art we have been trying out different ways of printing using Jenga blocks, cotton buds and even forks!

We also went cooking as a reward for good behaviour, ate some pancakes on Pancake Tuesday and made Valentines Cupcakes and made bird feeders with Mouse from OWLS. It was AMAZING learning how to make the bird feeders!

Have a look at some pictures from the last few weeks below 🙂