We wrote Spring acrostic poems. After we wrote them we edited them and then typed them up on the laptops. Here are some of our poems…


Spring is here which is great

Pretty flowers all over the place

Really good time to win a race

It’s a very good time to play outside

Nature at their course

Go and neigh all the horse


By Daniel and Jamie



Such cute little baby animals being born

Pretty big trees

Ripe and juicy apples and pears

Irisstibly amazing flowers and trees

Nature is such a beautiful sight. So

Go and have some fun cause spring and summer are number one


By Tania


Spring poem

by Adam and Bernie

Spring is here nothing to do but friends are with you and me.

Playing outside on my swings and then I saw a bee stung me.

Really big bee. Don’t sting me.

Imagine if it landed on my knee.

Nothing here to see don’t mind me

Go and fly to the sea.



S0 many animals come out to play

Pretty flowers start to grow

Really fun times with your friend

It’s really fun to play on the field

Nature is beautiful.

Going out to pick some apples from the trees

By Niamh Victoria



So many green leaves, colourful flowers cute animals come to play!

Pools in all gardens kids swimming away!

Riding on your horse running with friends!

In and out trying to keep cool!

Nicely creating a bundle of flowers!

Going on a picnic. OMG spring is here!


By Grace C



By Nikola and Grace S

Spring is here spring is now

Pretty nature is coming to the wonderful world

Ready to come out of hibernation

Image all the things you can do

Nature is here  nature is here

Guys come on play outside




Spring is here so give a cheer

People will have some beer

Rabbits mind their babies so try not to peer

If this is a lie I will cry

Near the flowers for some hours

Go ahead get out of your bed into the flowers for an hour ;D


Spring Is Here

By Marvin

Spring is nice it’s not that cold.

Pretty sunshine pretty rainbows pretty flowers in Spring.

Russell is a farmer loves trees loves farming.

In Spring you can see lots of trees and flowers.

Nature is very nice.

Go ahead run in the grass or the fields.


Spring Is Here

Spring is here, Spring is here

Pretty like a little bear

Remember like a little tear

Impress with a little care

Nice to see the flowers here

Going to grow a little pear


By Lyndsey



Spring is coming Spring is here

Pretty like a little bird floating in the air

Really nice people start to share

Imaginative children start to cheer

No person left to cry

Go on a berry hunt in the shiny woods and there will be no fear



Spring is fun

Pretty to see the leaves fall

Ready to go out

In the autumn

Never gets old

Go ahead and jump about


By Emma