Our Write a Book Projects

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Hello Everybody,

Our names are Ava and Yusra. We are going to write about our Write a Book Project. At first it was pretty hard to think of an idea but we came up with one in the end. We made up an idea about two girls that are best friends. It is called the story of the two best friends and their names are Brittney and Jennifer. A lot of people in our class are doing this project and their books are amazing. I have already read Lana’s and Olivia’s book and it’s really good. It’s called “The Mystery of the Missing Boy” and it’s cool! Some people didn’t enter this project like our friend Sam but he still helped some other people which was nice.

Our book is about two girls that are best friends.
Let’s start with Brittney – Brittney has long silky brown hair with green eyes.
Brittney’s mom’s name is Veronica and her dad’s name is Jack and she has a brother named Justin.
Now Jennifer – Jennifer has long silky blonde hair and she has blue eyes. By the way we forgot to tell you that Brittney has her hair dip dyed blonde and it’s so nice. And Brittney is 13 years old and so is Jennifer.
And it was Jennifer’s birthday and Brittney had no clue what to get her but she thought of something in the End. That’s all we have for today. Thanks for reading.
Here are some of our shoutouts for people that helped with the Write a Book project and for people that helped us pick the names of the people.
3. Ellah


Our book is about a girl called Mackenzie Hollister and her best friend Kat Waters! In our book she is writing about her life and what she has been through! She faces a lot of everyday problems but the way she deals with them is not so normal!

~Get to Know Mackenzie!~

Name: Mackenzie
Full Name: Mackenzie Hollister
Appearance: Has heterachromia (two different color eyes, one green and one blue and she hates it a lot), long brown hair, has a great height for her age,can gossip a bit and talks a bit too much and is extremely CRAZY!
Birthday: May 13th
Likes: Undertale, anime , drawing and friends!!
Dislikes: People who are rude and bullies, hates show offers! Also hates being alone especially in the darkness!
Favorite Food: Cake and pie and CHOCOLATE!!!
Favorite color: Purple, Red and obviously PINK!
Pet: Has a pet bunny named Oreo who died! It was a white one with black spots!
Family: 2 aunties and 20 cousins, I have a little sister named Kayla and I have 13 uncles on my dad’s side of the family!
It was a torture when I had to babysit them!!
Favorite app: Undertale, Anime and Art Amino! I have so many internet friends who are so amazing!
Enemies: Katlyn Anderson , Catherine/Amelia (UGH I hate that girls GUTS), India and many more!
BFFS for life!: Kat, Kat, Kat , Kat, Kat and KAT!!!!!
Crush:Jason Fox <3

~Get to know Kat!~

Name: Kat
Full Name:Katherine Waters
Appearance: Dirty blonde hair ,blue eyes and tan skin and super tall.
Age: 15 3/4
Birthday: March 31st
Likes: Lip-gloss, being beautiful and she adores mini-skirts she won’t wear anything unless she can add a bit of glitter to it.
Dislikes: Anything not glittery (with an exception of Mackenzie although she’s is often glittery!), tomatoes, bananas ,cabbage ,bullies and mean girls. She also hates being excluded, Amelia, Katlyn and India.
Favorite food: Pepperoni pizza, mushroom pizza, hawaiian pizza , hot wings /BBQ, cupcakes / chocolate / strawberry / toffee / caramel / chicken curry, chips, drumsticks, pineapples, watermelons, chocolate/ white and dark, mash potatoes and sausages and broccoli and cauliflower and carrots .WOW Kat sure likes a lot of food.
Favorite color : Kat’s favorite colour is turquoise and lemon yellow.
Pet: As a matter of fact Kat hates cats she actually adores puppies especially pomeranians.
Family: Her mam is Nicola her dad is James her elder brother is Jake her younger sister is Aurora and her fish is Bubbles.
Favorite app: Snapchat she adores always taking selfies and using the filters with her bestie /Mackenzie she often wakes Mackenzie in the middle of the night sending messages and selfies and photo filters, etc.
Enemies: Her enemies are Amelia Katlyn and India.
BFFs for life: Mackenzie Mackenzie Mackenzie !!!
Crush: Anderson not saying first name!

Now that you know a bit more about the main characters Kat and Mackenzie, we will do a little summary of what we have in our story. Mackenzie is in love with a guy named Jason, he is in the CHPs (Cute, Hot and Popular) he is the hottest! But Catherine is madly in love with him! After a while Catherine (not Kat) changed her name to Amelia because of a girl once she met! But that wasn’t the only reason why, she hated people mistaking her with Katherine (Kat)

Before the St.Patrick’s Day incident, Mackenzie and her friend, Kat won a competition and the prize was that they got to lead the parade! Unfortunately Mackenzie fell off the float and Kat tripped over a giant lipstick advertisement and also fell on the ground in front of their parents! Then Mackenzie’s mother, Jess decided that it was time to move away since the news of her daughter falling off the float was gone viral on the internet. Kat’s dad James also decided that is about time Kat went to a proper school a boarding school so then Jess and James decided to send them both off to St. Laurence’s boarding school but when they arrive Amelia who was also a major disaster was there her parents must of had the same idea as Mackenzie and Kat’s parents and the rest is to be found out in the sequel Rock Bottom. BUT before we stop writing we have shoutouts to some amazing people. Aya thought of this idea!


1.Alisha: She was very supporting and kind and nice, she wants our book to never end! She also came up with the idea of doing a sequel, Rock Bottom!
Many thanks to her! She was also our editor for our story and told us where we could improve and what is already improved, she was the best helper!

2.Sam: He was very nice and kind! He was our editor as well just like Alisha, he supported us through out our first page and all the way to the last, many thanks to him!

3.Margarita: She was an amazing supporter! And was very kind and never was desperate or rude! It was disappointing when she and Lee said they wont be entering the competition, their book was called ‘The Portal To The Other World’ it was amazing and very well illustrated! She also helped think of the title for our book which is called ‘What Is The Meaning Of This’
Many thanks to her!

4.Lee: He is awesome! He was supporting and complimented the whole diary book of ours! If only he entered the competition as well!
Many thanks to him!

5.Olivia & Lana: We couldn’t possibly leave Olivia or Lana for number 6! So we put them together in Number 5!
They were a great help and they were kind, nice and supported us all the way, we really appreciated their confidence in us! Their story is very awesome!!

We hope all the mentioned above have a great time in 5th and 6th and have a success in life and Bye for Now!

Aya and Paige

Our book is about the Backster family. Sue and Ryan are the parents and they have two children. Lauryn is 17 and has a boyfriend called Nathan is 18. there other child is Tommy who is 7 and his best friend Luke is 8. One night when Tommy and Luke where going to their baseball practice they seen Nathan doing something strange and wanted to know what he was doing so they wanted to know what he was doing and had a closer look but he caught them so they ran to their practice. Later on when they were coming back Nathan took them and locked them away. Later on in the story Tommy and Luke escape and ran back to Tommy’s house luckily they were fine. The police searched and searched for Nathan but they never found him. Still years later it is a mystery where he went to.

We would like to say thank you to Mr.Campbell for giving us the idea for our title.

Yours sincerely,
Olivia and Lana


Hello! My name is Martina! I am writing about my Write A Book, it is about a dance competition the characters are: Martina, Rosanna and Emily. In the book they compete in a dance competition hoping to win, in the story they compete against other people who also want to win the prize and show off all the dance moves they’ve got, Rosanna and Emily are determined to win the dance competition! So Emily thinks that she is so good, that she didn’t do doubles, she did it by herself, she did it solos all the way through to the group dance. When it came to the doubles Martina and Rosanna were so nervous competing in front of everybody, especially other parents and the judges! Rosanna and Martina were nearly crying coming off the stage they were that scared. But the most scariest part was that they had never been at the competition before.When it came to the group dance EMILY let down our group so badly that she didn’t know the dance moves for our dance for the competition! It was super weird!
Read my story to find out more!
Martina 🙂