We had an student teacher called Ms Thornton, she left us now 🙁
We learned many things while she was with us, we did Capacity and Volume and we did some experiments on Capacity, involving lots of water!
We started an novel called “Guns of Easter” and we got about 4 chapters finished. We hope to finish it!

In Laptops, we searched up many things with Ms. Thornton. We searched up many 1916 events, such as the execution of the leaders and many of the women involved.

In Geography, we were learning about the physical features of different countries in Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Europe.

We worked in pairs on the laptops to type interesting facts about the biggest mountain, river and lake in five different countries from each continent.We will print our finished projects next week, and display them in Room 16 (pictures to follow).

We have impressively improved in our Irish speaking and we continue to speak it all the time, even in English and Maths!!

Mahad (Room 16-Mr Watson) 🙂