Hello! Our names are Brandon and Sam. We are from Mr Campbell’s 5th class in Room 10.

We received write a books from another school in Brittas called St. Martin’s. We read them and they were great. We voted for two winners – “The Haunted House” and “The Runaway Horse”. Both of them did really well. Most people in our class did a book review on each one of them. Eight people voted for “The Haunted House” and 2 people voted for “The Runaway Horse”.

“The Haunted House” was about a family in a house out in the middle of nowhere. A man was riding his horse on a late night stroll until it start raining heavily. He asked a family if he could come into their house for shelter and they said, “yes sure”. He said be careful of who you let in. He was in there for an hour and the little sister dropped something and she saw devil feet and screamed “ah!” The family asked what was wrong and she said, “his feet!” They all screamed. He said I told you to be careful of who you let in and flew out of the roof. That’s only a bit of the story.

“The Runaway Horse” was about a girl who has trouble making friends and the only person she has is her pet horse and her dog. One day she met a girl who also had a pet horse and a dog so they became best friends until one day her horse got knocked down by a car. They soon plan on having a funeral but it’s too expensive to buy a coffin for a horse. They soon start a fundraiser for the horse’s funeral money and they raise over 100 grand. However, one day they get robbed by their father who left the family years ago and claims all the money they raised is his money. They are charged with attempted robbery and are sentenced to 2 years in prison. The girl soon finds out the dad knocked the horse down on purpose.

Thank you for your time.