After the Christmas break, students in room 25 got straight into work and we have had a busy and productive January so far. Students have been working very hard in Maths, Irish and English. In Maths we moved onto decimals and Ms. Hayes and myself are very proud of the great work from the class. In Irish we have been concentrating on our oral Irish and students have been improving every day. Students are really enjoying using the Chromebooks for Mathletics and Reading Eggs.  In English we have been working on our verb tenses and here are some pictures of a verb tense game we played today.


We have been very busy in S.E.S.E this month. Students have been doing group research about the geography of different counties in Ireland. We have also been researching information on hedge schools and Daniel O’ Connell.


The class made bird feeders from plastic bottles and we wanted to see if birds care about the colour and appearance of their bird feeders. Each bottle was filled with bird seed and were all nearly empty after a weekend. Turns out birds don’t care!

In Science we made a non-Newtownian substance known as oobleck. Students really enjoyed it. We have been studying about renewable and non renewable resources. This week we focused on hydroelectricity and made our own water mills.

Here is a video of one of the water mills working to raise a peg using only the power of gravity and water.


We hope to have some more exciting projects to show you in the next update.