Us girls were lucky enough to visit Microsoft on the 26th of April 2018.
When we first arrived we got stuck in the doors – Oops!
After about five minutes of being stuck in a door we finally got out, Phew!
Then we were greeted by our Friendly tour guide, Adam.
He showed us a Digital Waterfall – Wow! :O
Adam then told us about here they encourage employees to walk to their office…
That is when Adam led us to a space called the “Dream Space”
There was a table filled with all sorts of treats! Yum…
There was lollipops, macaroons, marshmallows dipped in chocolate, cake pops and candy canes.
We could even eat the dirt!! (it was crumbled brownies)
We sat down in the Dream Space and we heard the tales of inspiring women in Microsoft and Junk Couture.
All of us got to try out Micro-bit, where we programmed the lights to glow in different order.
Then we tried 3D Paint, an app that allows you to bring objects into the photos you take.
We then ate our lunch and then the day was basically over.
It has inspired us to get a job in Microsoft or STEM related subjects when we grow up.
In Conclusion, it was a brilliant experience and we rate it 10/10

-Paige and Margarita Rm 17