Book Week with Author Karl O’Neill

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Author Karl O’Neill came to visit us and taught us about writing dialogue and creating characters. This is the play we came up with. Hope you enjoy. 



          By Chloe and Makayla Room 13


S=Sam on



Tunathen and Sam are sushi brothers.Sam is a salmon skin roll. Tunathen is a tuna roll. They go to the same bus stop they go to everyday, every week, every year. But this time they notice something different.


S:”Oh my,It’s..I mean, tis really the prodigy Gordon Ramsey! He is my idol!”

Tunathen sarcastically replys to annoy Sam and Gordon.

T: “Oh my god like,That’s so deadly like.”

Gordon glances at them and looks away. Then,Tunathen (Like the fool he is) hops on Gordons shoulder.

G:”GET OFF-Ooh,well hello,You look like a tast-lovely sushi..Yes..lovely.”

Sam stares at his brother.Angrily,Obviously.

S:”You dimwit,Imbecile,DINGUS!!! You don’t hop on celebrities!”

Gordon laughs.”Its fine…”

T:”Howya! I’m Tunathen,Call me Tu though. I hope ye can be me besto. Me brother absolutely adores you.You should hang sometime.”

Sam covers his face,embarrassed. Tunathen notices his and his brothers bus.

T:”Ah here,I’ll see you later love,ye?”

Tunathen then sips Gordons blood orange drink.

        The sushi brothers  hop on their bus and wave at Gordon.

G: “Finally…Now to hatch my terrific plan!!!”

He grabs a sharpie and scribbles a really  bad mask on his face.

G: “No one will recognize me now! MUHAUHAUAH  -cough- MUHAUAHA”

           He calls his rhino butler named Steve,He proceeded to ride all the way out of town to where Tunathen and Sam work . Somehow he sneaked past the sleeping guards and then….