6th Class Work: Monday 1st – Friday 5th February 2021

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If you can not access Google Classroom, here is some work you can try in your copies and books at home. If possible though please login to Google Classroom to complete the tasks as then the teacher can view and assess the work, and the children can watch videos of teacher explaining new material.

Monday 1/02/2021

English: Exercise Your English – p.41 Part A and B and Read at Home – p.30

Maths: Planet Maths – p. 131 Questions B and C

Science: Unlocking Science p.34-39 Plant and Animal Life

Tuesday 02/02/2021

English: Exercise Your English – p.40 and All Write Now – p. 30 and 31.

Maths: Planet Maths – p.132 Questions A and B

Wednesday 03/02/2021

English: Read at Home – p.31

Maths: Planet Maths – p.133 Questions A and B

Science: Unlocking Science – p.40 – 44

Thursday 04/02/2021

English: Exercise your English – p.32 Part C and All Write Now p.32 and 33

Maths: Planet Maths – p.134 Questions A and B

SPHE: Continue on with next page of Mindful Matters.

Friday 05/02/2021

English: Read three Chapters of you class novel and write a 1 page summary in your copy about what has happened. Read at Home – p. 32

Maths: Mad 4 Maths p.5 Questions 1-7

Science: Unlocking Science – p.44-49

Don’t forget to login in to Reading Eggs & Mathletics and try and get some exercise each day too – https://www.stthomas.ie/kids-zone/health-fitness/

Mr. Carroll, Ms. Connolly, Mrs. Murphy, Ms. Wilson & Ms. Kelly