We were so lucky to have Perina from Fighting Words come to our class and do a story writing workshop with us. She guided us through how to write a story about a time capsule and time travel. We thoroughly enjoyed it and we would love for you to check out our story below!

The Secret of the Statue

The Secret of the Statue

100 Years Project:
St. Thomas’ Senior National School, Tallaght, 4th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 11 May 2022

One day, Buddy the Golden Retriever was trying to find his bone that he got in his favourite bakery. He was digging in loads in different areas including the area beside the statue of an unknown girl.

Eventually, he dug so much that he found a time capsule. He brought it back to his owner, Rosie the girl, who opened it and found a dusty diary.

She was confused when she saw that the owner of the diary had the same surname as her in 1922.

But, the first name was very faint and she couldn’t see it.

Rosie asked all her family members about the diary. She even asked her crazy uncle who was an inventor.

The Secret of the Statue

When her uncle looked inside, he found some of his old inventions and he made a plan to steal the diary.

He didn’t tell anyone about Anne and the diary because when he was a kid, he wanted to be a scientist. Except his first potion backtracked and turned Anne to stone. She was the statue in the back garden.

The only living animal that knew about his secret was Bluey the Parrot.

He had kept the secret all these years. Now he was getting old, he knew he had to tell someone before he died…