Boys football match
On 16/5/22 St.Thomas played against Divine word school Rathfarnham.

The match started at 1:30 and ended at 2:35.
The weather was sunny, hot and a little bit windy.

Positions played
Goalie- Cayden
CB-Keith & Anthony
MF-Jack P, Jack T & Nathan
It was a very good match, it was so close but sadly the other school just got in before us.

St.Thomas school were wearing blue and white and Divine Word were wearing red,black and white.

Nathan had a really good kick and always is kind and always tried to pass to everyone in his team because he wanted them all to be able to try and get a goal.

Zac scored a goal and it was a really good goal.

The other team got 3 goals and our team got 1

It was a very good match and both teams really enjoyed it.

The other team was very strong team and were training and playing matches for a really long time.

But I think that our boys team is good because they have only played a few matches and a few training sessions and they are really good at it.

We are very sad to say this was the last match for the boys of this school year.

5th class
Jack Preston
Pedro Simoes Ferriera
Ben Byrne

6th class
Ali Janet Daniel
Nathan Roberts Byrne
Jack Tyrell
Feranmi Alarpe
Anthony Obamwonyi
Peter Bakari
Jamie Moran
Zac Whelan
Damian Afenkhena
Corey Doyle

By Rose Geoghegan & Jessica Fitzpatrick