Sophie Byrne
Nature explorers

Chapter I: A hunt towards nature.

On May 24 2022, in Room 26, aka 4th Class my teacher Miss Gill let me and  my classmates do a nature hunt in the garden. It was a normal day for the most part, and the teacher was thinking, “What shall I do? Science or English, such a difficult choice. Maybe I could do Science and a BIT of English for it? Yeah that’s a good idea” she thought. Ms. Gill announced that a Nature Expedition shall begin. She handed us the sheets for the hunt, and well, it was SOMEWHAT easy! And somewhat hard, nearly IMPOSSIBLE in my opinion. She’d also told us  “You should put them in your Gaeilge copy, just in case it blows away, you can SMACK it shut to keep in” so that’s what we did. We plucked them in and out occasionally in the book , now we had set off in the line. And we went out through a white door and now we’re in the important part· We had six minutes to try and find as many as we could!  They were.  ‘A leaf with smooth edges’ ‘A flower with six or more petals’ ‘A plant that has feathery leaves’ ‘Stay really quiet. Look around you, how many birds can you count? Do you know any of their names?’ ‘A bee’ ‘A leaf divided into smaller leaves’ ‘A yellow flower’ ‘A flower that insects like’ ‘A plant that smells nice’ ‘A leaf bud that is about to open’ ‘A spider web’ ‘A snail’ ‘A plant that likes shade’ ‘A tree that is smaller than you’ ‘A woodlouse, hint: They live under old rotting wood and stones’ ‘Moss’ ‘A tree that is taller than yourself’ ‘A butterfly’ and ‘ a daisy’. After seeing this list of stuff, I knew some would be easy peasy, while some would be harder. ‘Let the hunt begin’ I thought.

Chapter II: The timer ticks, so find something quickly! 

Oh, I almost forgot there were two rules. Be quiet and NO RUNNING. We all slowly bolted to find everything, I’m ticking off everything. Bee? Check, Daisy? Check, Big trees & small trees? Double checked baby! WOOOW!

I was having some trouble finding a very nice plant but! Curry plant and lavender, so check it off baby!  A couple minutes later I got an intercom call. “Can the following pupils head to the library quietly,”  Mr.Rennick called me so I went there, in silence.

Ellie making daisy chains

Chapter III: Surprises galore.

After my visit. I saw my friends surrounding a bush, and my eyes widened when I heard someone say to me “ There’s a spider eating a wasp!” 

What did I hear? I had a look too and, yup a spider eating a WASP. I flipped and I had to check off more things. I can’t remember, and out of the blue Ms.Kelly called me up, and I went. I came back and people were making flower/ daisy bracelets. And I saw Reece holding a leaf bug or a shield bug, it looked cute and as a surprise. I WAS ABLE TO HOLD IT. But…Sadly we had to go inside, so we did , I think everyone loved that day and that’s what happened.

Sophie and the shield bug
Reece and Anna with their shield bug friend
Using our outdoor classroom