Room 9 visited Tallaght library on the 2nd of June 2022. We got to get a bus. It wasn’t that long before we arrived, we sat down on the chairs in the kids area and talked about our favourite books and authors. The librarian told us about the Summer stars reading programme starting on the 13th of June, ending on the 31st of August. She told us that Summer stars is the free national reading programme that takes place in all public libraries and online each Summer. 

The aim of the program is to read as many books as you can, you fill out a card and when the Summer is over, you return it to the library and get a prize. 

After this discussion, the librarian told us we would be doing a scavenger hunt, where we would have to find information about different books and authors. She showed us the layout of the shelves, which went from left to right in alphabetical order.

Once we were done our hunt we picked one book that we could borrow from the library. We read for a bit, after that a person that works there showed us how the 3D printer worked, he attempted to make an octopus, but told us it would take 8 hours!

Then we got the bus back to the school, we really enjoyed the trip to the library!

Written by Jake and Madison Room 9.