Reading Buddies by Lexie Cooney

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Lexie Cooney

Hello I’m Lexie Cooney and today I am talking about reading buddies. Reading buddies was very  fun and everyone really enjoyed it. My reading buddies were very nice and quiet UNTIL near the  end when they got so hyper!

So at first the two kids I had were VERY shy and would not  even look at me UNTIL my teacher said “let’s start now”. The two girls then turned around and  asked what was the book we were reading so I told them about it and got started. They were  both very good at reading. When we finished  the book we did a sheet with some questions. That’s when the hyperness started! It was so crazy but luckily my teacher   said that time was up. I really enjoyed it because they were good at reading  and we really liked the book. The book we read was called Red Ted And The Lost Things and if  you would like to read it, it is in the school library. I can not tell you how much we enjoyed reading with them.

You can look at some photos of the buddy reading below.