Ellie Brooke McCarthy

Last Friday we went to see Jack Flash perform in the hall with the rest of fourth class as part of book week.

Kaylum from our class started doing a trick Jack Flash was doing when we got back to class. He was spinning a ball on his finger! We all joined in and Miss Gill said we could do a circus video.

After break we came in and started doing tricks like bottle flipping,balancing bottles,spinning footballs, and juggling. Conor balanced a pencil on his nose! And Bailey ,Sean,and Wisdom did cool tricks. It was very fun and nobody got hurt just so you know.

If you know any of the tricks we said or know how to do them give the idea of a magic show to your teacher and do one of these. Or do a music video like Miss Fleming used to do. It is sports week so if you’re tired wait a week or two, but you can do these at home with friends,family and family. Remember DO YOUR HOMEWORKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch our video here!