Before Christmas we had a shop in Room 24 to fundraise for the charity in Kenya that Ms Moloney is involved with. Through the Cara Girls Rescue Centre (CGRC) the organisation promote Women’s Empowerment. Have a look at their website for more information:

Our Chairperson, Mary Dalton made a very generous donation towards the charity to begin to fundraising for a new house for a woman living over there in poor conditions. Thanks to our efforts we fundraised the remainder to reach the €1400 target.

The great news is that the building of the house has started. It is for a Granny of a Girl in Cara Girls Rescue Centre -Vivienne. Vivienne goes home to her granny during holidays. Her Granny is currently living in a mud hut but it is infested with bugs! With the money from school and other kind donations we have money to build a better house for her. Here are some pictures of the house.