Before Christmas, the Girls Soccer Team were invited to Roadstone Training ground.

When  we first got out of the bus,we were welcomed by the coach Tony and the runner of girls under 17s.Owen.

We were going get a tour of the indoor pitch but some of the shamrock rover players were training.Also  now the shamrock rovers women team is being set up.So we went to the bar and waited a few minutes ,so they were explaining what was going on like the womens teams under 19s,17s 15s and how the boys and girls teams will be training on the big pitch on the far side.

Then we went outside to check out the pitches and how the mens team train outside.Also the coach Tony and owen explained what was going and how to play a game called teaball which is played with two or one on each side and the goal is who ever drops the ball is out.


Tony also said that scince the womens team will be playing matches in Tallagh stadium they’re going to have to get lights and stands for the girls and boys teams that will have to play on the pitch on the far side.A side from what we did we also learned that Shamrock rovers was founded on Saturday 2017 the 25th of March.Then the players that were training in to indoor pitch left.

we went in there and played a few matches plus we played a game where you had to do different skills.It was a lovely expeirence.A big thank you to Domhnall and Ms Quirke for giving us the oppertunity to train with shamrock rovers.