Written by Radeyah Asho, 4th Class

In Room 20, we have been working on our Northern Lights art. The Northern Lights appear when tiny particles stream out from the sun and hit the Earth’s atmosphere. Northern Lights are most likely seen in the North and South Poles. It took us a few weeks to create our pictures and here’s what we did:

  1. We created a galaxy background by flicking white paint onto the paper using toothbrushes. 
  2. We used white chalk to create a snowy horizon line and blended it out with our fingers.
  3. We ripped a sheet of A4 paper and used chalk pastels to create the lights. We started with cold colours like blue and green and then we created another line with our warm colours. 


4. When we came back after Christmas, we used black paint and painted our trees and then did the same at the other side to create a reflection. 


We all enjoyed doing this art and hope to do more like it! 

By Radeyah Asho